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DJ Akademiks shared the story about Erykah Badu on his past show, Everyday Struggle. Erykah Badu had walked into the room carrying mad sage and incense, which, Akademiks confessed, initially confused him as he knew her to be spiritual but didn't expect such a display. She proceeded to make him hold incense sticks during the interview, a charade he played into. The mix took an unexpected turn when Erykah Badu jokingly told him that he looked like Jerry from the "Tom and Jerry" show - a comment Akademiks took in stride. Afterward, he noticed her making vague references about him on social media, alluding to their encounter. However, rather than getting offended, Akademiks saw these interactions as fuel for entertaining content for his show, leading to a viral moment. It turned out to be a clever and fun exchange that benefited both parties – one that Akademiks looks at as a memorable and amusing anecdote.
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