by on April 1, 2022
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — West Palm Beach Police made an arrest after a woman was shot and killed Monday night in a fistfight turned deadly. It took place at Echo Lake Park at 2000 Pinehurst Drive around 6:22 p.m....
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by on March 28, 2022
A Black British man, in desperate need of monthly blood transfusion, was turned away from an airport in Jamaica because airline officials rejected his passport, and died days later. The staffers determined his identification was invalid because parts of it were damaged. According to Metro News UK, British Airways in the Montego Bay airport denied Chaz Carl Powell access to his March 9 flight, claiming his passport was in too poor of shape to validate for international travel. The 41-year-old n...
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by on November 7, 2021
TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Mamie Walker is sick and tired of the government abruptly cutting off her social security benefits, leaving her unable to pay her rent and buy food. She said it’s all because of a mistake no one can explain. Walker hasn’t received benefits for the past two months. She received a letter from the U.S. Social Security Administration saying she owes over $237,000 in “overpayments” and won’t receive benefits again until September, 2034. She would be 100 years old. “You know...
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by on October 23, 2021
A cinematographer was killed and the director injured when a prop gun fired by actor Alec Baldwin apparently was loaded with live amunition. According to Deadline, Baldwin, 68, was filming a scene for a movie that required him to fire a gun loaded with blanks. However, the gun was loaded with live ammunition and fired projectiles at the crew. Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, was struck by shrapnel or a bullet and died at a hospital in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Wednesday. Writer-director Joel ...
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by on October 23, 2021
The deputy secretary at the US Treasury has said that the only way to end the plague of empty shelves and high prices around the country is for every person in the world to be vaccinated. In an interview to ABC on Thursday, Wally Adeyemo, the Biden administration’s second-highest official in the Treasury Department, has commented on the ongoing shortages of consumer goods that have led many to mock the president as ‘Empty Shelves Joe’. Despite viral photos depicting thousands of cargo ships lin...
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by on August 27, 2021
OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) — Patricia Seemann runs her own medical practice in St. Cloud, providing health care services to homebound patients. She said, up until two weeks ago, she was able to successfully treat every patient who contracted COVID-19. But, since then, she said seven fully vaccinated patients died from complications, such as pneumonia or stroke, caused by the virus. Florida hospital ‘stacking patients in hallways,’ report says ...
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by on May 29, 2021
Last fall, parents at the posh $55,000-per-year Dalton School got wind of their first-graders being taught sex-education lessons that included masturbation. They complained to school administrators, but were told they had simply “misinterpreted” what Dalton’s now-notorious “health and wellness” educator Justine Ang Fonte — who last month led a controversial and explicit “porn literacy” workshop at another elite prep school — was teaching. But after The Post’s exposé last week on the porn c...
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by on May 28, 2021
Don't start hoarding tires yet, but higher tire demand from China, COVID restrictions affecting rubber-tree planting, and a lack of shipping containers create the global potential of trouble. If you have enough to worry about, then don't spare a thought for all the rubber tires needed in the auto industry. On the seemingly never-ending list of things that are causing headaches for automobile production plants—COVID precautions; a semiconductor chip shortage; even too few tanker-truck drivers,...
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by on May 16, 2021
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by on May 16, 2021
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by on May 3, 2021
Bill and Melinda Gates have filed for divorce after 27 years of marriage. The billionaire couple announced the divorce in a tweet on Bill Gates' Twitter page on Monday, May 2. The couple married in 1994 following a workplace romance. She is a former general manager of Microsoft. Bill Gates statement from Twitter: ...
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