by on April 9, 2018
Huawei single-arm routing and Telnet switch IP synthesis experimentIn general, the switches and router sub-interfaces cooperate. Because the switch is a Layer 2 switch and there is no Layer 3 routing function, the Layer 3 exchange is transparently transmitted through the router to implement Layer 3 interworking. This is the main reason for this type of networking. purpose. Between router sub-interfaces, each network segment is a direct route. If you want to achieve access control between certain network segments, you usually configure the access control list on the router.[url=]Huawei S5700 28X Li Ac 4 X 10 Ge Sfp Ports Gigabit[/url]Trunk configuration of the port: Configuration environment parameters: 1. SW1 port Ethernet 0/0/1 belongs to VLAN 10, Ethernet 0/0/2 belongs to VLAN 20, Gigabitethernet0/0/1 and R1 port Gigabitethernet0/0/0 are interconnected; 2. Vlan10 The internal PC address is, and the gateway is the subinterface address of the router Gigabitethernet0/0/0.1[url=]Original New Huawei Switch S5700 Series S5700 52C EI[/url]3. The internal PC address of the Vlan20 is The gateway is the address of the subinterface Gigabitethernet0/0/0.2 of the router, 4. The SW1 manages the virtual interface address of the VLAN100 and the gateway is GigabitEthernet0/0/ 0 interface address[url=,_and_the_way_the_router_deciphers_the_password.html]How to do the password of the router, and the way the router deciphers the password[/url]Networking requirements: 1. Vlan10, Vlan20, and Vlan100 can be transparently transmitted to routers through switches, and can implement Layer 3 interworking through router sub-interfaces; 2. Data configuration steps.[url=,win8_broadband_connection_error_651.html]Broadband connection error 651,win8 broadband connection error 651[/url]