2018 Q1 Huawei Switches and Routers Earn Double Winning RevenueAccording to IDC's Q1 quarterly market research report in Q18, Huawei's enterprise network switches and enterprise network routers have achieved the highest revenue in the Chinese market. At the same time, Huawei's enterprise WLAN products further expand market share with outstanding product performance, ranking second in the Chinese market.[url=http://ictdealer.com/olt-products/3994.html ]Grandstream GXV3240 Skype Video Phone WiFI with HD Audio[/url]The report shows that compared with the same period of last year, the market revenue growth of enterprise equipment in China in the 2018Q1 quarter was generally better. Huawei's performance is particularly excellent, and continues to be the market leader.[url=http://ictdealer.com/olt-products/4010.html ]Original Huawei HG8245A GPON ONU 4FE 2POTS, SIP, English[/url]In 2018Q1, Huawei enterprise network switch products ranked first, and enterprise network router products ranked first in the market for the fourth quarter in a row. Huawei's enterprise network WLAN product revenue and market share were higher than those in the first quarter of 2017, ranking second in the Chinese market.[url=http://ictdealer.com/olt-products/4022.html ]Network switch 24 port huawei S5700 28C EI 24S with[/url]The significant increase in the market in the first quarter of 2018 indicates a better market outlook. Rohit Mehra, IDC's vice president of network infrastructure, said: "The two macro trends indicate that the industry's prospects are good - the emergence of the next generation of software-based network intelligence platform increases the intrinsic value of the network, large-scale enterprises, ultra-large-scale data centers and services. Providers are pushing faster Ethernet switching for cloud deployments."[url=http://ictdealer.com/olt-products/4027.html ]Brand New Nice Price S5700 28X Pwr Li Ac Gigabit Ethernet Switch With 10Ge Sfp Ports[/url]
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