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by on March 2, 2021
A Nike executive abruptly resigned after the company learned her son is an online reseller who purchased $132,000 worth of Nike sneakers for resale online.
Ann Hebert's resignation is effective immediately, Nike announced on Monday. She served as the vice president and general manager of Nike's North American division.
Nike confirmed to FOX Business in a statement on Monday that "Ann Hebert made the decision to resign from Nike."
Her resignation comes six days after a Bloomberg report revealed her son, Joe Hebert's sneaker resale company, West Coast Streetwear.
The 19-year-old routinely posted photos of warehouses stacked to the ceiling with boxes of exclusive Yeezy Boosts and other hard-to-get sneakers on his Instagram page. His face was always obscured in the photos.
In one photo taken in 2019, he bragged about purchasing brand a new BMW M4 with the money he made selling Nike sneakers online.
He captioned the photo: "Thank you Kobe Bryant, Kanye West, and Nike for helping add to the M collection."
But all that bragging led to his mother's downfall when his identity was exposed.
According to Bloomberg, Joe used bots designed to fool sneaker supply companies in order to get his hands on hundreds of pairs of sneakers.
One scheme cost him $132,000, which he charged to his mother's corporate American Express card.
After selling all the sneakers, he earned a $20,000 profit, according to Bloomberg.
Joe told Bloomberg that he never received insider information from his mother, and he asked that her name not be mentioned in the article.
Sneaker collectors left angry comments under Joe's Instagram photos.
One IG usr wrote: "Nike really expect us to believe his mom didn't know what was going on?!?"
Another wrote: "Must be nice when your mom supplies you with everything."
And a third user wrote: "Must be so cool you cost your mom her job. She must be so proud of you."
According to Statista, in 2020, the total global sneakers market was valued at approximately $80 billion dollars.
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